Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A thousand words

I wanted to post my lead question/synopsis/research strategy etc all in one go but it looked like a Bronte sister had spewed up on my blog -too much information! So I am going to post it in managable chunks brightened up with visuals etc!

Work in progress............

Working Title:
To what extent does Intellectual Property protect integrity and innovation in fashion design?
Other title considerations:
- How does Intellectual Property protect integrity and innovation in fashion design?
- Innovator versus Imitator
- To what extent is it possible to police creativity in fashion design?
- Do legal systems protect innovative fashion design?
At this stage in the preparation of my dissertation topic I am still refining my lead question; however the current working title I have in place is the one I have refined at this early stage to best clarify my intended area of research and discussion. I have been careful to maintain an open-ended question, and hope to stabilise it as my research progresses. I have however identified a written dissertation as the appropriate format for my work, I am addressing an intellectual and factual subject which I feel is best represented in a written format.

Research Strategy ................

Here are a couple of snap shots from my wall mountable research strategy! Seemed sensible to post them on here as a progress map is undoubtedly linked to a research POA!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Law firms recognise the need for specialist advice in fashion sector


Fox Williams Fashion Law Group was established in 2003 and now represents a range of fashion retalers including DAKS, Peter Werth,John Smedley and Orla Kiely.

The perfect blend of Vogue with legalease


Susan Scafidi combines a secret passion for Vogue with her professional expertise as a law professor to fight the war on counterfeit chic.

Ebay fined in Hermes counterfeit case

Another law suit for the world wide web giants, this time a $30,000 fine for allowing the sale of three counterfeit Hermes bags on the site.

"French courts are MUCH more protective of the rights owners and distribution rights etc. of players in the fashion industry than we are here in the US."


Turn yourself into a bonafide fashion designer - just add a pinch of plagiarism a la Lohan


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Fashion Police!

Can we police creativity? In our ever expanding digital world, fashion design is facing a continuous battle to protect integrity and innovation.

Ebay ordered to pay LVMH £31.7 million


Failure to prevent the sale of counterfeit Vuitton goods has seen online auction site ebay forced to pay out in excess of £31.7 million after breaching LVMH's selective distribution agreements.