Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Big Smoke versus The Big Apple

So research is progressing, today I felt like I had really started to get to grips with my topic which is a good place to start! In an effort to avoid picking up the absolute tombs on Intellectual Property blah blah blah that my newly accredited 'Bachelor of Law' sister has lent me (super proud, I've been cyber space researching.
There is so much garbage to sort through, research is clearly going to take its time, but I enjoy being a closet bookworm so no problems there. The issue that has really caught my attention today is the divide in legal policies between Europe and the USA. Whilst the EU imposes relatively strict IP laws, the US has virtually nothing - so I'm pondering exactly how these two opposing systems don't produce a greater divide in terms of innovation/trend cycles etc.
The US has been procrastinating over a Design Piracy Act (DPA) but it isn't deemed a priority and so Stateside designers continue with near non-existent legal protection.
This is my first really juicy bit to get stuck into, dig up cases, contact law firms and see if I can identify an extrinsic factor which facilitates trend cycles or whether the US or the EU fairs better in respect of their legal statutes.

God that all sounded a bit heavy, it's not boring I promise!

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