Saturday, 27 November 2010

Update from the control room......

Last week proved successful with the completion of a phone interview with DIds Macdonald, CEO of ACID (Anti Copying in Design). That said I hadn't banked on how difficult a phone interview is to transcribe - it was virtually impossible to get a direct quote that was more than a few words long, so I need to follow up this week with a couple of interview questions via email to get an accurate quote. I still need to chase up the email interview with Johanna Blakley, although I did receive a book on her Ready to Share conference, all the way form California this week! This is making for exciting reading as it is so relevant to my topic. Aside from this I haven't managed to touch the written part of my dissertation at all this week do I need to 'bust out' on it this week in preparation for my tutorial this Thursday. Phone interview with Dids to be transcribed this week, and when I've done so I will post it here for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Check Johanna's Bio out here

But I've only got one question.........

Ok, so I didn't anticipate it would be so difficult to get the industry big wigs to give me a quote. I've had the data protection act thrown at me amongst others! However, this evening has finally produced a bit of success, thanks to America working on an entirely different time zone - Johnanna Blakley, Deputy Director of The Norman Lear Centre which is a specialist Think Tank associated to the University of Southern California, has agreed to give me an interview, (cue smug grin!)

Word Count 3401

Monday, 8 November 2010

Post Script

2100 words and counting (700 may be on the wrong side of boring)

Research, research, PRIMARY research!

The bulk of my secondary research is now completed, I'm just filling in the odd gap as I reach it during the writing process. Primary research, however, is proving to be a little more difficult. I have randomly collected a trillion names and organisations I would like to contact on my topic, but in my haphazard way I haven't kept them all safe. Tonight has been spent trying to collate them all onto a spreadsheet (antithesis I know). Tomorrow I plan a massive attack on the phone calls/emails to try and secure some primary research. Amongst my list of contacts includes: British Copyright Council, British Fashion Council, Anti Copying in Design, The Fashion and Design Protection Association....................................